West Florissant being targeted for traffic calming improvements in North County

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FERGUSON, MO - It’s a way to show what a difference street improvements can make for a community.  A traffic calming demonstration took place along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson Saturday.  Bright colored cones, tires and a temporary crosswalk were placed along with signs giving drivers a heads up about the demonstration.

West Florissant has been targeted for improvements through the Great Streets Initiative.  Organizers of the traffic calming say it helps show a community some of the possibilities.

“If you narrow the lanes down you can slow traffic,” said Larry Welty, St. Louis County Department of Transportation.

The American Planning Association Missouri Chapter (APA Missouri) in partnership with Trailnet, St. Louis County’s Department of Planning and St. Louis County’s Department of Transportation Hosted the event

Organizers recorded citizen input and monitored traffic patterns.

“We’re looking at speeds.  We’re looking at yield compliance, you know how many cars pass before someone can actually cross the street here,” said Taylor March, Trailnet.

Street improvements can not only make an area safer but can also improve the bottom line for local businesses, according to Welty.

He said, “Motorists will know where they can turn to access the business. Pedestrians will know where cars are going to turn and so they feel safe for walking the corridor.”

The planning phase for improvements is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Weltey said, “Then we will go after federal funds, local funds, and private funds, whatever we can use to make this project happen.”

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