Festus Police Dept. raises money for officer forced to retire for medical condition

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FESTUS, Mo. – A community and police department are rallying around a young officer who is facing a tough medical challenge.

Officer Michael Patrick of the Festus Police Department was surrounded by fellow officers who love him and his family. Patrick has an auto immune disorder that has unleashed a many other medical conditions. It’s so bad he’s forced to retire at the age of 29.

“It’s amazing. I cannot believe how much support I have,” Patrick said.

“I finally found somewhere I love and the guys I like to work with; that’s the hardest for me to accept.”

Patrick takes more than a half dozen medications daily. He’s in constant pain, which means he cannot wrestle with his four young sons like he did in the past.

Fundraisers for Patrick and his family are planned. One will be at a restaurant and another at the Elks Lodge. They hope to raise money for when the insurance runs out. His blood infusions alone cost more than $100,000.

“I think it’s amazing, everybody showing support; it’s insane. I didn’t expect all this,” said Elaina Patrick, Michael’s wife.

The family hopes for a cure of some sort of way to manage his disease, he desperately would love to return to work, in the meantime the family is grateful for people’s kindness.

“We always want him to know you got a home here this is his family away from his regular family he’s always going to be a part of the police department,” Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis said.

Elaina said she hopes there’s a miracle out there for her husband, adding that it’s hard to lose hope.