Police putting more resources into cleaning up South Broadway prostitution

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ST. LOUIS – Prostitution stings are being made public, and the St. Louis police are posting pictures of the men who they say were caught soliciting women for sex on South Broadway.

Hookers on South Broadway are hiding out.  At least that’s the word on the street since police started an undercover sting operation this week.

These are the men police arrested and ticketed for patronizing prostitution.  They're the customers.

Since the sting started, police have arrested at least a dozen men and women.  That's not counting the people arrested today in the area along Broadway.

Surprisingly police say one of the busts was near Meramec Elementary School at Meramec and California.

Police say typically the prostitute has signals, she'll be drinking from a polar cup and aggressively gesture to drivers.

This effort is time consuming for police.  In 8 hours, they only caught 6 people in the act.

They want to clean up this area not only to help turn the women’s lives around, but they say the Carondelet and Patch neighborhoods are up and coming areas.

They’re attracting investors with a goal of making it the next South Grand or Cherokee Street.