Jefferson County man outraged over dumping of shingles on his property

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO - A Jefferson County man said he needs your help finding whoever dumped their left-over roof shingles on his property.

“I was pretty agitated!” landowner Lonie Govro said.

That’s one way Govro describes the way he feels after finding out someone came to his property off Plattin Road in Jefferson County and dumped their roof shingles.

“I talked to one of the neighbors and they said it wasn’t here in the morning because they walk their dogs through here. So, it happened during the day.”

Water bottles, trash, nails – you name it… it’s all within the pile of shingles left behind.

Govro said his neighbors recalls seeing a maroon colored dump truck driving alongside his property.

“That’s what the tracks looks like that were here! [It] was like a dump truck back up and dumped it.”

Govro doesn’t currently live on the property, but said he’s having a tough time understanding how someone would think it’s a smart idea with road signs clearly stating there’s a thousand dollar fine for dumping.

“Either they can’t read or they don’t care!” he said.

Neighbors on the other hand say it happens all too often.

“There’s a lot of littering around here with the roads we clean up, but just how the lack of someone else’s property you can just throw something like that, especially how much that it was it’s like a dump truck load,” Raymond Beck said.

The dumpers also left behind what looks like the packaging from whatever new shingles they were installing.

Govro isn’t sure just how much the cleanup will cost, but for now he’s hoping whoever left him with the bill will do the right thing.

“Just come on back and pick your stuff up,” Govro said. “Dispose of it the way you are supposed to! Why should I pay for something, you got paid to put some guys roof on and now you put his roof on my property, you need to come back and pick your stuff up!”

If you know anything about someone possibly dumping these shingles, Govro is asking that you give Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department a call.