Hair stylist faces challenge in keeping actors cool at The Muny

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ST. LOUIS – The summer heat and The Muny seem to go hand in hand for those in the audience.

But the heat can be downright dangerous for those on stage wearing heavy costumes.

To wrangle all the wigs in the mid-day heat at The Muny, Kelley Jordan does it with ease in an air-conditioned building.

“I don`t have too much spray on it.  I didn`t set it too heavy so it can flow when she`s dancing.”

As the cast and crew ready for Thursday night`s opening of 'All Shook Up' featuring the music of Elvis Presley, it`s Jordan’s job to keep things in place when the actors shake around and gyrate around on The Muny stage.

“Every texture of hair, human or synthetic, synthetic blends, natural hair, all hair.”

Cool as a cucumber, Wednesday afternoon Kelley Jordan and a team of five people were putting finishing touches on the 16 wigs and one mustache in all shook up.

“They get sweaty and banged around and we usually have someone that are right in there combing it and keeping it together.  When they`re out there we have someone on deck also.”

Long before the blue suede shoes can come to life, it`s Jordan’s job to work with the costume designer and casting director and then spend some time in the 1950`s.

“All Shook Up it was Elvis.  So, I started watching Elvis movies and books and magazines and anything I could get my hands on.  Once I did that I started putting them in my phone saving them.  And then once we do that it goes together like a puzzle.”

So we`re hair today, but Thursday night they`ll be all shaped up before they get shook up.