First responders, area agencies install AC units for those in need

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ST. LOUIS – As the heat wave continues in the St. Louis metro area, officials are urging St. Louisans to reach out and check on their neighbors and the elderly to see if they are okay.

The heat caused organizations and firefighters to set up efforts to made sure those in need and vulnerable to the heat have air conditioning or access to cooling centers.

Kenneth Brown's 71-year-old grandmother got a free air conditioner installed Wednesday by the St. Louis Fire Department, in collaboration with Cool Down St. Louis and other partners.

They specifically help people with disabilities and seniors who don't have any type of air conditioning.

"There might just be a time where she's in bed one day just watching TV and have a heat stroke...I believe in my heart she appreciates it," Brown said.

The air conditioner was a relief as the temperature falls from the oppressive 94 degrees it's been holding steady at during this heat wave.

Captain Garon Mosby said those temperatures can be dangerous and even deadly for some.

"If you're feeling dizzy or light-headed or you know you're dehydrated, these are the things that we are very concerned about, particularly the stop sweating, because that's your body's natural ability when you're dealing with the heat, " Mosby said.

He encourages people to check on their neighbors and if they need assistance, go to to find out where to get help.

"We are fortunate in St. Louis County to have $150,000 dollars thanks to Steve Stegner and HUD and the city thanks to Lyda Krewson.  Were happy to have money with the utility tax funds so we have money for qualified people in our other counties we depend solely on grants and solely on donations."  Gentry Trotter founder of