Gov. Greitens lays out plan to make the City of St. Louis safer

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ST. LOUIS – Tempers flaring at a news conference where Governor Eric Greitens, unveiled his new plan to curb violence in the City of St. Louis.

The Baden neighborhood of north St. Louis, an area that has struggled with violent crime and poverty for years hosted the governor Monday after another crime plagued weekend in the city.

The governor pointed out there were five people were gunned down in ten shooting in the last 48 hours and Governor Greitens announced an unprecedented program that began last night with Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers patrolling on Interstates 55 and 70 in an effort to free up St. Louis police resources for violent crime in the neighborhoods.

About a dozen protesters tried to shout down the governor as he was outlining his plan.  They were calling for more jobs as a way to reduce crime.

Governor Greitens says his unprecedented crime fighting program includes more mental health services, social services and Department of Corrections services for the City of St. Louis.  The governor says this will be ongoing program for St. Louis and may be a model for other cities in Missouri.

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