Gun violence continues in St. Louis city

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ST. LOUIS - Two overnight shootings in St. Louis city leaves two people dead and one wounded.

Police say the shootings happened just three hours apart. One of the victims was shot and killed while driving.  Witnesses in the area told police when the shots rang out they thought it was fireworks.

It's been violent weekend in St. Louis on Friday night a man was shot and killed near Union Station in downtown St. Louis.

Early Saturday morning, police responded to a double homicide at Delmar Boulevard and North Garrison.  Residents talked about the recent acts of violence.   "People need to put the guns down, innocent kids losing parents" said Nicole Hamilton.  "Until we find a solution to all this crime, we can never stay in our own community and feel safe," said Meldon Moffitt.

Police say the violence continued Saturday night and within a three hour period, two other people were shot dead.

A man was shot in the head while driving home from a local store near Clara and St. Louis Avenue.

Investigators say someone opened fire on the victim's vehicle.

Witnesses said, "Three passengers heard a loud noise, they believe to be fireworks and a few second later the driver on the vehicle had been shot." said Maj. Rochelle Jones of the St. Louis Police Department.

Hours later, Sunday morning around 1:30 am investigators found a woman dead at Grand and Broadway.  Police say she was involved in a shooting that left one other person injured.

"Anytime you hear a gunshot and you think that could be my kid, my mother, my father or a person that's close to family," said Lee Smith.

Anyone who may have information regarding the shootings are asked to call CrimeStoppers