Ladue Road in Creve Coeur nears shutdown for major road repairs

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CREVE COEUR, MO – In less than a week, construction will begin on Ladue Road for repairs Creve Coeur Mayor Berry Glantz said just can’t wait.

“The road is quite literally failing apart in front of our eyes,” Glantz said.

The mayor said heavy rains this past spring are starting to show its underlying effect, as Ladue Road slides away under the pressure.

“These cracks were literally minute five or six, seven weeks ago, and you can see how they have spread now,” he said.

Glantz said city engineers started to notice the road buckling. In fact, the road has been moving and subsiding into the lake on a daily basis.

The mayor said the solution is simply – replace and reengineer the current road that overlooks the lake. The $600,000 project would force traffic to be shut down starting July 12 on Ladue Road between North Ballas Road and Mosley.

Construction is expected to take two months.

“This is going to be a royal mess,” resident Patty Schvey said.

Schvey said she understands the project needs to be done, but is not looking forward to the headache it’s going to cause.

“They have reason to do it, but here’s the thing – they just told us today it’s going to start immediately,” she said. “We’re going to be rerouted. They said they will put the detour signs up, but Ladue Road is a heavy traffic area. I’m just worried we’re going to have congestion and irritable drivers.”

Glantz said he understands some residents’ concerns, but this is an issue the city cannot allow to stand by uncorrected.

“I apologize for the detour, I sincerely do! I use Ladue Road just as much as anybody else,” Glantz said. “Delaying the project into the fall serves no purpose; it’s only going to get worst.”

Detours will be established for eastbound and westbound traffic.

“I guess being good citizens of Creve Coeur, we should just say ‘okay guys, great that you’re going to clean up the street and make it stronger’,” Schvey said. “But don’t underestimate what type of stress this puts on neighbors.”

Of course, if you need to get into the residential area between North Ballas Road and Mosley, it will be open to local traffic only.

”If we delay much longer, then we get into the winter season and that’s not into anybody’s best interest,” Glantz said.

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