Jefferson County residents already paying in lawsuit against officials suing for more money

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO – While one Jefferson County official has taken his name off a lawsuit suing the county for higher pay, another is pushing forward with this deal.

After a recent story spotlighting Jefferson County Executive Ken Waller, citizens formed a group to recall him from office. Waller has since decided to take his name off the lawsuit. Citizens said the recall will continue.

But You Paid For It investigators caught up with the Jefferson County Public Administrator whose name is also on the lawsuit. He receives a salary of $81,000 now. If officials win the lawsuit, his pay could jump to more than $90,000.

Thirteen county officials are part of the lawsuit. But only four are still working for Jefferson County; nine are gone.

Taxpayers are already paying for this deal. Jefferson County has spent around $20,000 so far on lawyers to defend itself against the lawsuit. Not only that, but it’s set aside $1.5 million just in case they lose the lawsuit against its own officials.