Comptroller’s office has dire warning over Illinois not having a state budget

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL - Another fiscal year has begun and Illinois is once again without a state budget.
The state comptroller calls the budget crisis a catastrophe.

If no budget gets passed, workers in the state office building in East St. Louis could feel the impact as early as next Monday.

A spokesperson for the comptroller’s office said the state is spending $600 million a month more than it's taking in.

But a new court ruling is going to affect payroll for legislators and rank and file state workers. Both have gone to court after the comptroller’s office decided to stop paying them. A federal judge has ruled the state must pay Medicare costs before anything else.

The comptroller's office said payroll wouldn't be the only thing hit if there's not budget passed.

The state would also have to cut off funding for schools. The comptroller’s office warns many wouldn't be able to open this fall without a new state budget.

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