Walnut Park residents frustrated over nightly gunfire

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ST. LOUIS - Many families are not celebrating the 4th of July in the some of the crime ridden hard pressed neighborhoods in St Louis.

Instead of looking out for fireworks, they're coping with nightly gunfire.

Investigator Elliott Davis went to the Walnut Park Neighborhood which is one of the most dangerous in the city.  Most of the city's murders have occurred there.

Elliott talked to residents about what they face and what they would like to see the city do to turn things around.

One person Elliott talked to told him she hears as many as 10 to 15 gunshots a night.  She says she's trained her kids to duck when they hear the gunfire.

The family said they don't see much in the way of officials coming around the area to see their situation accept around election time and then disappear.

Police say they're doing their best to get a handle on the surge in violence. They blame a lot of the trouble on drugs and gangs.  But a manpower shortage limits what they can do to deal with the trouble. Still, they say they're doing everything possible. Families tell Elliott they would like to see more done.