Suspects rob 2 victims, forcing one to make ATM withdrawls

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ST. LOUIS – A pair of frightening crimes in St. Louis that police say 2 different men were forced to ride in their cars for hours with robbery suspects holding them at gunpoint.

As far as being related, the crimes happened on back to back mornings at almost the same spot in south St. Louis; a spot where people weren't really expecting it.

Theresa Worley and her parents were up from Ste. Geneviève having lunch across the street from where he used to work, and where she went to school when it was still Southwest High.

They didn`t know about two abduction robberies near here less than 72 hours earlier.  “I think any more you have to be aware wherever you are, whatever time of day it is, or not; even being a product of the city, I’d be cautious.  Times have changed.  It`s very concerning.”

Police say two gunmen forced a man in the parking lot into his car about 1:30 Saturday morning; keeping the victim in the car with them for about 2 and half hours trying to make withdrawals at ATM`s with his bankcard.

Police say the suspects then looked-for things to steal at his home on Arsenal before dropping him off, unhurt, with his car at the diner.

Police say it happened again around 3:30 the next morning; another victim was parking his car at a home near the diner.  This time 3 suspects held the suspect with them as they drove around for about two hours, hitting a dumpster with the victim`s vehicle, going through his wallet; then dropping him off near the diner after finding he had no bank-cards.  But they did keep his 2013 Kia Optima.

Police don’t have a good description of the suspect and are asking for anyone with information to call the St. Louis police.

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