“Go with the Flow” teacher wins $500

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ST. LOUIS_ Ms. Bennett is a young teacher who is consistently finding ways to get her Learners (students) engage in every topic. There are so many words to describe her: Hard worker, kind, optimistic, dedicated, and just has the "go with the flow" attitude. I love to call her the modern day "Ms. Frizzle" because she loves to work on special projects with the learners to help and adapt with their curiosities. With a class of 18 learners, she really has a special connection to each child, getting to know each of their background and adapting.

She is always concerned for their well being inside and outside of the school, especially if the problems affect their learning abilities in the classroom.

Brooke Bennett has always fought to get supplies she needs for her class, even if it came out of her own money. It really shows how passionate she is as a teacher and a leader. Anyone can step into her class will see how much her learners respect her.

I had the privileged to sit in class for the day and just being able to see how much she has taught each kid to be independent to do their work, but also, to see how much she trust her class to get their work done, is impeccable. My son, who is usually pretty open about their daily accomplishments, doesn't always talk about the issues he struggles with: Time Management, issues with another learner, and/or even school work, Ms. Bennett always communicates with me if an issue arrives and works to talk things out with my son to find what the issues may be. My son looks up to her and always tries to copy her.

She writes her name on the board "Ms. Bennett" and my son writes on all of his work, "Mr. Chase". Chase sees Ms. Bennett help resolves issues by talking things out, and he tries to do the same with his fellow classmates-if they have a problem.

Children copies what they see around them and I think Ms. Bennett is a great role model not only to my son, but to all of the kids at the school. I have had such a pleasure getting to know her and her work at school: Attending all of the PTO meetings and events, Board/Committee meetings and help upkeep the school's garden. She deserves such great recognition and I am ever so grateful for all she does!

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