North City church celebrates Father’s Day and Juneteenth

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ST. LOUIS – Father`s Day and freedom are celebrated together at a north city church.

This is Centennial Christian Church and every year this congregation looks to the past at an historic event as they move to the future.

Pastor Derrick Perkins says “They didn`t get the word that all the slave we to be free.”

It`s called Juneteenth and it`s all about President Lincoln and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Sadly, slaves in Galveston, Texas did not get word about their freedom until 2 and half years later.

“We see this as a time when we really understood our freedom, what it meant to be fully whole.”

He says it`s seen as an Independence Day for African-Americans.

Bruce Madison said, “Celebrate what we have and how far we have come and see how far we got to go.”

At the same time church members pay tribute to Father’s Day, an honor shared by many men.

“It`s a reflection on a child being born seeing them to mature, how proud you are to know this is part of you”, said Barry Palmer.

And children love talking about their fathers, especially the pastor`s kids.

“I just love him.”

“He`s an awesome great father.”

“Because he`s good buys a special stuff.”

Marvin Lambert summed it up best, “It means happening that I do have a family and children and I am blest.”

Fatherhood and freedom two blessings this congregation is thankful for on this day.

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