Examining the criminal history of suspected congressional shooter

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) – Suspected congressional shooter James T. Hodgkinson had a long history of confrontations with people and police, according to St Clair County Court records.

Many of them too old to be pulled up with much detail, such as a 1989 case in which Hodgkinson was accused of fleeing a police officer in East St. Louis. That case was dismissed.

Four years later, he faced charges of DUI and fleeing or attempting to flee a police officer. That case was also dismissed, but public record shows he was supervised by the courts for a year.

It’s a 2006 case that gives us more details about past violence. St. Clair County Court documents and an accompanying police report describe a confrontation between Hodgkinson and a young couple at his home. The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the incident as a domestic battery case involving his daughter.

Prosecutors later charged Hodgkinson with battery after he allegedly “cut (a) front passenger seatbelt with a knife.”

The court record continues, saying, “…he struck (a man) in the face with a wood shotgun stock” and “struck (a woman) in the face with his fists.”

Hodgkinson was set to go to trial, but the court record shows the victims did not cooperate and the case was ultimately dismissed.

Fox 2 once interviewed James Hodgkinson, along with other protestors at an Occupy St. Louis rally in 2011.

“The 99 percent are getting pushed around and the 1 percent aren’t giving a damn, so we’ve got to speak up for the whole country,” Hodgkinson said.

According to a police report, one victim in the 2006 battery case said Hodgkinson pointed a shotgun at his face.

Public records show 30 cases in which he was involved. Just four of them resulted in convictions.

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