SSM Health Medical Minute: New equipment reduces surgery time for breast cancer patients

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The operating room at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles County is one of the only hospitals in our area equipped with the Faxitron BioVision system. It’s brand new technology, in use just about 3 weeks to date, and it was provided in part by a donation from the Karen Weidinger Foundation. It allows fellowship trained breast surgeons to examine breast tissue in real time to ensure a successful procedure.

The Faxitron BioVision equipment supports breast lumpectomies and provides surgeons with real-time, high-resolution imaging of the breast specimens during surgery, allowing clinicians to immediately verify potential abnormalities and replaces the extra step of transferring tissue to a lab and waiting for results in determining results of the tissue specimens. This allows the surgeon to immediately analyze the breast specimen thus reducing the overall length of the patient’s surgical case, raising the standard of care for patients and reducing their time under anesthesia.

Dr. Aislinn Vaughn, breast surgeon and director of breast health at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital, has only been using the equipment for about three weeks. She says it has been used approximately 10 times so far, and says more and more patients will soon receive the benefit of this new technology.

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