Blackhurst Elementary teacher wins $500

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Mrs. van der Geest, to call her an amazing teacher, is an understatement. Being in the classroom with her "firsties", as she sometimes refers to them, is truly her calling in life. She connects with these little lives so much further than what one would expect. She goes above and beyond to help her students learn with fun hands on ideas. For example, they recently learned about George Washington. They created animated puppet pals, to conduct an interview with George Washington, showing the facts about him they had learned. When they were learning about persuasive writing, they wrote, as a class, a letter to the principal attempting to persuade him on why they should be able to eat lunch in the classroom one day....And it worked! 🙂 The love and caring for her students is what any parent would dream of for sending their little one off to someone else's care. My 6 year old loves school, and Mrs. van der Geest so much, that she literally plays school, multiple times a day. Taking what she's experiencing in her classroom at school, and bringing it home to her classroom in our playroom. We are truly blessed to have Mrs. van der Geest as our daughter's 1st grade teacher.

Delilah received $500.00 from Weber Chevrolet.

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