Wentzville police replace stolen hover-board after teen’s kindness

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR) - Wentzville police are being called heroes.   When a young man had has property stolen, Platoon 4 in Wentzville stepped up in a major way.

Mikey Polite, 13, loves to ride his hover-board.   However, it was stolen on May 20th when he left it outside a McDonald's near his home. He thought it would be fine while he quickly went inside.

“When he came out, he saw the suspects walking off with his hover-board,” said Wentzville Police Chief Kurt Frisz.

Mikey asked a family at McDonald's to help him.  They called police who arrived and began their investigation.  Then Mikey went across the street and bought that family a cookie cake to show his appreciation.

“They took time to help me and I just wanted to give them something back,”  said  Mikey Polite.

“For a 13-year-old, to do that, to show appreciation, is a simple act but he did. Our officers were impressed with that,” said Chief Kurt Frisz.

When the lead investigator found out what Mikey did, he got his police and correctional officers from Platoon 4 to chip in and buy him a new hover-board, which they delivered.

“He led me to the trunk of his car, he said me and the officers bought you a hover-board because of what I did for the family. It was so cool and I thank him for that,” said Mikey Polite.

Chief Frisz says officers do all kinds of things to help people. They don't always get publicized because they are not looking for accolades. This time was different.

“We were asked to push this out on social media by the victim's mother.  I am proud of our officers  for showing appreciation to this young man for an act of kindness,” said Chief Frisz.

"A lot of people think police are bad and do stupid stuff, but not all police are bad,” said Mikey Polite.

Wentzville police are still looking for the suspects