Up-Down Arcade Bar receives approval for liquor license

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A battle over a new arcade and bar in the Central West End has ended with the establishment getting its liquor license, but there could be some strings attached.

The St. Louis Excise Commissioner approved the full drink, Sunday drink, and beer garden liquor licenses for Up-Down STL at 405 North Euclid.

Construction was halted there, according to attorney Al Watkins, who said the owners were waiting to learn the fate of their bar.

"Am I pleased with the outcome? Yes. Does that not mean we have to work still to address concerns of neighbors? That's going to be an issue and it's one that Up-Down is highly committed to," Watkins said.

But those new licenses could come with a catch.

In two weeks, the commissioner will decide if any special terms or conditions will be instated.

"I don't anticipate there will be any conditions that won’t be embraceable, but some of them may be awkward or cumbersome to address, but we'll find a way," he said.

Longtime residents like George Stair said noise is a concern. He recalls the ruckus created by the old bar that used to occupy the location.

"The sound carried through…and bothered me when I had my windows open," Stair said.

Others worry parking will become an issue. But several nearby businesses voiced their support for Up-Down, including like Ken Fowler, manager at Mary Ann's Tea Room.

"Having more nighttime establishments can only boost all businesses in the area. And by bringing in more foot traffic, it will help the Central West End to become more safe," he said.