Confederate Memorial’s days in Forest Park numbered

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Mayor Lyda Krewson said she will have the money raised to take down the Confederate Monument in Forest Park and move it to storage within the next 30 days.

A couple of years ago, a committee estimated it would cost about $130,000. Krewson said this will be paid for through public/private partnerships and she has been talking to a lot of people.

Bill Hannegan’s great grandfather was one of 43 elected officials who voted on a municipal ordinance to allow the monument to be placed in Forest Park in 1912.

“People voted on this, 43 elected officials, now I have problem with the mayor coming along saying people can’t see this anymore, it has to go into storage,” he said.

Hannegan also questioned if the mayor really has the authority to get rid of the monument.

“It is something that is city property, it is in a public park, I think we have the right to take that down,” Krewson said.

Krewson said she understands some people want the monument to stay because it is a part of history, but she feels it is hurtful to a lot of people in St. Louis and it is time to take it down.