Chesterfield police offering house check service for vacationing residents

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR) – Vacation season is just about here and Chesterfield police are trying to help residents when they’re gone.

Chesterfield police want the public to know that they offer a program called Vacation House Checks.

“If they’re leaving on vacation, they’ll contact our police department through our website or call us directly and give us dates when they’re gone, and we provide the service of checking the house while they are gone,” said Sgt. Keith Rider, Chesterfield Police Department.

Police will conduct random checks during the day and night, all throughout the week.

“Our officers are expected to get out of vehicles and check all doors and windows and make sure everything is secure,” Rider said.

They rarely run into issues but every now and then they do.

“We had officer recently find a house that had been broken into while people were on vacation,” Rider said. “They were able to make an arrest on that case.”

Chesterfield native Delores Guenther didn’t know about the checks, but she has benefitted from their patrolling.

“A couple times, we left a garage door open and they put up a note saying you forget to put up your garage door. For safety; as a reminder,” she said.

The program has become very popular and the police also get help with the home checks from their volunteer police unit.

“You may see them out in bright yellow reflective vests, they do vacation checks as well,” Rider said.