Rockwood school employees honored for efforts to protect school from flood damage

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) - Four men were honored Monday for saving Eureka High School from flooding destruction that could have been so much worse. On Tuesday, May 1, 2017, four Rockwood School District employees, Preston Vaden, Scott Young, Brian Paul and Stephen Leuthauser, stayed up all night fighting back flood waters from the school.

District Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost said, “Worst flood of all time here in Eureka yet we sustained half the damage as we did in the last flood.”

Leuthauser said it was a grueling battle.

“It was a tough. There were a lot of points where I wanted to throw the stuff down and call the fire department and get out of here.”

The fire department boat was the only means of escape when flood waters rolled in.

In 2015, all three gyms were heavily damaged by flooding.  This time, just the main gym was ruined when sewer water came up through drain pipes inside the school building. It will need a new floor.

Although they are being recognized as heroes they don’t feel like they are.

Scott Young said, “We’re here to do our best for our community, to help them out and hopefully get back in school as soon as possible.”

The gym should have a new floor in time for next school year. Crews also need to bring the baseball fields back to life. They’ve been covered by muddy flood water.

Workers learned a lot that should prepare them for any future flood fight. They’d like more help, more wet/dry vacuums, larger pumps, and possibly a flood wall.  Superintendent Knost said people in the community are working on gift baskets for the four men as a thank you for their efforts.