School districts cancel classes as schools are threatened with flooding

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) - Some area school district were forced to cancel classes due to flooding concerns.  The Rockwood School District has canceled classes for Tuesday.  The district canceled school in area known as the Eureka quadrant Monday.

Some Eureka High School students used the day off to help sandbag in their community.  Some high school students were scheduled to take College Board exams Monday.  Seniors Andrew Fowler and Philip Sisco were disappointed they weren’t able to take the exams but understood the decision.

“Any other day would have been fine but we have a lot of exams going on,” said Fowler.  “So, it’s been a little stressful.”

The Northwest School District in Jefferson County cut the school day short at some of its schools Monday.  A district spokesperson said the decision was made after consulting with emergency management personnel and local authorities.

Some parents felt the district should have cancelled school.  Josh Ross kept his daughter home after hearing some of the roads near his home would flood.

“It was just a decision that we had to make,” said Fowler.  “I wasn’t going to take a chance of my daughter getting stranded in school.”

The district announced Monday night there will be no classes Tuesday due to flood concerns.