Jefferson County man swept away by floodwaters in Cedar Hill

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CEDAR HILLS, MO (KPLR) - Tonight, were learning more about the 77-year-old man who died yesterday here Cedar Hill because of floodwaters.  The victim was identified as Clifford Brandt, and officials tell us he had walked out of his house to look at the rising flood waters Sunday afternoon when he was swept away.

It was just one of several emergency operations departments have had to perform here over the past couple of days.  Fox 2 was on Cedar Hill Road when the fire department had to rescue a boater.  Fortunately everyone was okay in this situation.  It turns out a man was having motor issues on his boat.  Crews tell us they have been inundated with nonstop response calls for rescues, well-being checks and water evacuations as the creeks and waterways around the Big River overflowed its banks.  For folks who haven't left their homes and are around the flood waters, emergency officials can't stress enough the importance of staying away from rising water.

“The ground is so saturated that everybody has seen how fast the water is flowing whether it be in the creek or the river.  You get up close to it you could slip and fall and go right into the water and the current is going to pull you very quickly”, said Chief Terry Soer of the Cedar Hill Fire Department.

Clifford Brandt died around Route BB and Mimis Mountain Road in Cedar Hill yesterday.  Today roads to that location are closed because they're underwater.