Drivers and joggers caught ignoring signs about flooding, road closures

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR) If you’ve had enough of the warnings and road closures, consider this: it was only minutes before firefighters caught offenders putting themselves in harm’s way.

That was the case at Creve Coeur Lake Park Monday afternoon.

In a ride-along, Captain Robert Daus with the Maryland Heights Fire Protection District encountered one driver passing through a road closure lane inside the park.

He also saw joggers, literally running into potential trouble.

“They’ve got the ‘trail closed sign. And they’re running through barefoot, not a great idea,” he said.

Maryland Heights received less rainfall than areas to the south, like Valley Park, Fenton, and Eureka. But it was just enough to cause trouble.

The lower part of Coeur Lake Park closed over the weekend, along with parts of Marine Avenue and Creve Coeur Mill Road.

Those roads have since re-opened, but that could change mid-week, when river levels crest.

As the water reaches its highest point, first responders are asking drivers to exercise caution.

“You may come across a road that has water going across it, but the signs aren’t up yet. And that’s where you have to really use some good judgement here and turn around, even though there aren’t signs out,” Captain Daus said. “It doesn’t take much water at all, for your vehicle to become unstable. Actually, 12 inches of water can cause your vehicle to start drifting off the roadway.”

The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District has an advanced inflatable boat used by its swift water team. The team is on alert in the area, supporting other operations down south. However, it is ready to be dispatched in the event of a water emergency in the Maryland Heights area.

“Everything is set up, ready to go,” Captain Daus said.