Green-thumbed thief caught on camera stealing bushes in south city

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Some in a south city neighborhood are frustrated by a baffling potential crime spree. They are blaming a green-thumbed thief with uprooting their bushes from their properties.

Last week, one homeowner caught a man stealing her Winterberry Holly bushes on her home surveillance cameras. She wrote about it on a neighborhood social media app. A few days later, she reported that the same man returned to her Tower Grove East home to take the plants she replaced the stolen ones with.

At the same time and a few blocks away, Jeff LeFan noticed his rhododendron was pulled out of the ground. He remembered the woman’s post and put two and two together.

“I guess we get a good laugh out of it more than we are concerned about putting cameras up to catch the next botanical burglar,” Jeff LeFan said. “I am unsure why they would take (the bush), but I do hope it's bringing some joy into their lives now.”