Gus’s Pretzels celebrates National Pretzel Day

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Wednesday is National Pretzel Day.

The twisted holiday was first recognized in Pennsylvania in 2003.

But of course, in St. Louis the place to go to celebrate is Gus' Pretzel shop.

With a turn and a twist, a synchronicity of dough signals one of the biggest days of the year for one south St. Louis business.

“April 26, they celebrate pretzels.  So, we`re trying to do things a few things.  We have an accordion player around lunchtime and then a girl handing out pretzels and Fitz`s Root Beer,” said Gus Koebbe II, the President of Gus’ Pretzel.

Almost as St. Louis as it gets for Gus` Pretzels on National Pretzel Day.

Even a rainy Wednesday afternoon, wouldn`t stop some regulars from popping in for a pretzel or two.

“You know I just think it`s great to give back to our customers.  We`ve been doing this for 97 years now and it`s just good to give back to the community.”

The Benton Park family owned business began in 1920.

These days you`ll find Gus junior and brother David along with Gus

The third knee deep in kneading dough.

“Two or three? Yeah G2 and G3.  That`s what we go by around here so.

With an accordion player pumping out some genuine German polka music, G2 says his team gave out more than 1600 pretzels in 2016 and expects to exceed that number this year.

As long as Mother Nature cooperates.

“Every little thing affects it so you have to adjust for each day, sometimes each hour.  Like the weather is changing getting more humid now.  So, a rainy day like today? Yeah that humidity causes the dough to raise faster so you have to make them further apart so they don`t over raise on you.”

Who knew all the twists and turns that it takes to make a perfect pretzel.