Dashcam video shows man and Overland Park officer struggle over gun

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Overland Park, KS (KSHB) -- Dashcam video released Tuesday shows a man fighting with an Overland Park, Kansas police officer over a gun.

According to police, the officer tried to pull over a suspect in the 10400 block of Marty. The man, now identified as 34-year-old Bradley Poland, was allegedly driving the wrong way down 103rd Street.

Police said when Poland stopped, the officer got out of his patrol car, but Poland quickly sped off. Moments later he crashed.

Investigators said Poland then got out and started to walk off.

As the officer approached Poland, he told Poland to show him his hands. When he did, the officer said he noticed Poland was holding a pistol.

The officer quickly grabbed Poland's arm. After a struggle, the officer got ahold of the weapon. Once he did, police said Poland refused to put his hands behind his back. The officer then pulled him to the ground and held him down until backup arrived.

Officer John Lacy said the situation is a reminder of the danger officers often face in the line of duty.

"This could have ended real bad but it didn't," said Officer John Lacy. "The video showed everything, it showed the officer approaching the suspect, giving commands, he's not complying with the commands and the next thing you know it was hands on."

The Johnson County District Attorney's Office charged Poland with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

By Sean Hirshberg