Caught on camera: Three hurt when school bus crashes in south city

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A school bus with children on board crashed onto an auto repair lot in south city, Wednesday, sending three children to the hospital with minor injuries.

It happened at the intersection of Chippewa and Macklind.  According to St. Louis Police, a vehicle hit the school bus as it was crossing the intersection sending the bus onto an adjacent auto repair lot.  Multiple cars were damaged when the school bus crashed onto the lot.

Sam Alhasan works at a nearby convenience store and ran to the scene to help.

"I have my daughter who gets on school buses like that so I got super nervous about that so I tried to help the kids" said Alhasan.  "I take out the driver from her seat because she was in a seat belt and she had a headache and her stomach had hit the wheel" he said.