Governor Greitens set to sign law allowing ride sharing statewide in Missouri

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Ride sharing businesses such as Uber and Lyft are about to become legal statewide in Missouri.

In recent years there has been a patchwork of regulations from local government to local government regulating ride sharing companies. Governor Eric Greitens says the new bill sets up a consistent statewide framework for the companies to operate within.

“And frankly it’s time for Missouri to join the rest of the country by rolling back these regulations taking on special interests and allowing companies like Uber and Lyft to grow here and also so those drivers who want to participate in this can earn some additional income”.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Cab Commission which had opposed ride sharing businesses in the past released a statement from its chairman Tom Reeves Friday saying "MTC will begin working with stakeholders to ensure that passengers using locally-regulated vehicles-for-hire enjoy the highest levels of security and reliability, and that the taxi industry remains a competitive employer of thousands of St. Louisans".  The president of Laclede Cab says the new law puts his company at an unfair advantage because it will still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees to the commission but ride sharing businesses won't.  Uber and Lyft have been popular with millennials but Greitens’ says the new law is important to everyone.

“It’s not just lots of millennials, but lots of people take advantage of these services you know especially we had blind  people who came and testified in this who were blind and they found the being able to use services like Uber and Lyft allow them to navigate their community in a better way”.

The governor says he plans to sign the ride sharing bill into law on Monday.