Parents at KIPP Victory Academy still upset over school’s handling of gun on campus

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A St. Louis charter school is at odds with some upset parents. This comes after a six-year-old student brought a loaded handgun to class earlier this week.

School administrators at the KIPP Victory Academy met with several parents early Friday afternoon.

FOX 2 did not have access to the charter school's in-person meeting, but we caught up with Michelle Beckett, whose eight-year-old son attends KIPP.

Beckett said she was upset that the school did not handle the situation properly.

"When we come to school here, our kids are supposed to be safe and you're supposed to protect them," Beckett said. "The very first thing I would've done is locked the school down. That's what I want to see, as if it was a terrorist attack."

Some other parents said that while the teachers couldn't do anything about the child bringing a loaded handgun to school, administrators should've contacted them right away or have a better way of communication with them.

"KIPP is a very good school and I don't think teachers could've done anything in this instance, but mostly I think, it's the parents and kids coming from that home where the problem starts at," said Robert Floyd, whose son is in the second grade.

Beckett went on to say that she didn't know what was happening the day of the incident and if her eight-year-old son was in any kind of danger.

School officials sent a letter home to parents telling them about the incident but Beckett said that's not enough.

"When you have issues like this, you have to get on it and I'm one where you do not send a letter," Beckett said, "I want to get a phone call, I don't care if I'm work, but call me and let me know 'your baby is safe,' but when you sit on it and try to put a band-aid on it that's when parents are like, no we are not having it."

FOX 2 reached out to Kelly Garrett, a spokesperson for the school but our inquiry regarding the outcome of the meeting was not addressed immediately.

Beckett said that parents like herself, who couldn't make it to Friday's meeting, will be asking for another meeting with school administrators.

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