Student brings loaded gun to KIPP Victory Academy

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Detectives with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are investigating after a 6-year-old student brought a loaded handgun to KIPP Victory Academy. The gun was located in a classroom., inside the student's desk.

Various parents we talked with at the school said the incident raises serious concerns. “If something like that is going on, It's a threat not just to the classroom, but to everybody.  He could have been in the bathroom, the hallway or anything," said Dinna Houston.

Authorities   say the loaded handgun was found Tuesday morning at the school. "You look at the challenges you face   at schools and teachers and parents, like why would a weapon be on a school campus, it’s terrifying, yesterday we sent a letter home to families.   No one was injured during the process." said Kelly Garrett, Executive Director of KIPP St. Louis.

We are told school officials said they’re cooperating with police in the investigation. and say two other students informed officials about the incident the gun was removed without incident.  "My greatest nightmare is that students are hurt in the process of getting educated, thankful no one was injured in this incident," said Garrett.