Blues fans rally ahead of Game 4

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - St. Louis Blues fans rallied long before Wednesday night's puck drop at the pregame pep rally outside of the Scottrade Center.

"I'm just excited for a hopeful sweep with the' W'" said Christian Langham. "Other than that, I hope we play hard because they're going to come out flying" he said.

The Blues are 3-0 over the Minnesota Wild in Round One of the playoffs.  A win Wednesday night would advance them to round two.

"We were given these tickets from friends in Hawaii" said Lisa Seward.  "They sent them to us- they had season tickets and we're like what we get to go?! Yea, so it's pretty phenomenal" she said.

Fans are hopeful the Blues can clinch the round at home and sweep the Wild on their road to the Stanley Cup.

"It's just a crazy thought right now" said Langham.  "It's almost like the Cubs went 108 years and then they finally won one.  It's a cool thing to see, especially in history... so I just hope we get that W and go all the way to the Cup" he said.

"I think it's a real possibility if they keep playing the way that they are" Saunders said.  "Winning games that they shouldn't necessarily be winning, I think the Blues definitely have a great chance if they can keep it up" he said.