Stray Rescue St. Louis promotes Heartworm Awareness Month

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – April is Heartworm Awareness Month and it is important to understand the risk of heartworms on a dog’s health.

Heartworms can develop in dogs through mosquito bites and is not transmitted from dog to dog. Heartworms are completely preventable through heartworm pills given to your dog each month. Common symptoms seen in infected dogs are a soft, dry cough, lethargy, weight loss, difficulty breathing, a bulging chest or collapsing.

If a dog is diagnosed with heartworms, they can be medically treated. Dogs can get heartworms more than once in their lifetime, so it is important to keep them on heartworm pills.

Throughout the month of April, Stray Rescue is sponsoring “Have a Heart,” where interested donors can make a donation of $10 and have a heart posted in the Stray Rescue lobby. The money raised will be put toward the costs of treating dogs effected by heartworms.

Founder of Stray Rescue St. Louis Randy Grim joins us for more on heartworm awareness.

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