Three women form bond after each gives birth to triplets

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Triplets times three! A St. Louis doctor has helped bring together three moms after he helped deliver their triplets a few months ago.

"Often times I describe what I do as driving a bus down the mountain road with no brakes, trying to make sure that the whole load of people on the bus are safe when we get to our destination," said Dr. Michael Paul, head of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

None of the three women had ever met.

"Never in 10 million years I thought I would have multiples," said Jessica Kennedy of Fenton.

Jessica and her husband, Ben, are parents to five kids – three of them triplet boys, born back in November. Jessica's triplets were the first of three sets delivered within weeks of one another.

"It's been a roller coaster, but a fun one," Kennedy said.

The second set belonged to Kristen McCloy of Potosi, with two boys and a girl. The third set of triplets belonged to Jeri Wright of Farmington; she had three boys.

"We were all on bed rest about the same time," said Kennedy. "It kind of created a bond, because none of us knew what to expect and it was all new, exciting, and scary at the same time."

Paul was also seen in a picture that was part of a hospital photo shoot with all nine babies taken shortly after their birth. Paul and his team were there for the moms through several weeks of their bed rest.

The doctor himself is father to triplets.

"Multiples tend to surround me all the time and they really piled on me this time around," Dr. Paul said.

The three moms said that thanks to those shared experiences with Dr. Paul, they now have an enduring friendship.

"We go through milestones of the babies together," said Kennedy. "We go through sicknesses together and it makes it a lot easier to know someone who is going through the same thing."

The three moms and their husbands are having a park play date with all nine babies within the next few weeks.