Door to door vacuum sales persons have Jefferson County residents concerned

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – Some Jefferson County residents are concerned after they have had people knocking on their door offering to clean their carpets for free.

At this point the police can’t say for sure if this a scam or just a door to door sales pitch.

In a Facebook post by a Jefferson County resident, wrote that a girl had come to their home and offered to clean their carpets for free for school credit, and was wondering if it was legitimate or just a scam.

Kathy Fuentes lives in Hillsboro and said she had someone knock on her door about nine months ago.

She said at the time it was dark outside, the man was adamant about coming inside her home and things were not sitting right for her.

“He asked me if I was interested in having them clean a carpet for me and I said we don’t have any carpet, and he said we have upholstery cleaning we can do a couch and I said it’s okay we have leather furniture, and he said what about a floor rug and I said we have one but it is pretty new we don’t need it cleaned,” said Fuentes.

Some people on the Facebook post commented that the girl offering to clean the carpet for school credit may work for the vacuum company Kirby.

On Kirby’s website, it does state that you can earn college credit by being an independent sales person.

Fuentes said the person who knocked on her door didn’t have any of that information. She doesn’t know for sure what their motive was but she needed more information before letting them into her home.

People on the Facebook post also commented that the individual said they were a student at UMSL.

A spokesperson from UMSL said the individual may go to school there but the university does not have any scholarship programs or credit associated with Kirby or any other home cleaning company.