Chief praises officers for saving woman’s life at MetroEast Motomart

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SWANSEA, IL (KPLR) - A 74-year-old woman who was lifeless on the floor of a Swansea MotoMart will be okay thanks to a quick-thinking Swansea Police Officer.  It was Saturday afternoon when a 911 call for help was placed.  Swansea Police Officer Paul Brault was inside the police building when he overheard the call.

“He heard the dispatcher taking the information,” said Swansea Police Chief Steve Johnson.  “He immediately hopped in his car and went over there.”

The MotoMart is only a few feet from the police department.  Every Swansea on-duty officer has an automated external defibrillator in their cruiser.  Officer Brault applied the AED to the woman in need of help.

“A short time before the ambulance even arrived she started breathing again,” said Johnson.

Officer Jason Tutterow also responded and helped by performing CPR.  He said the action of his officers are reflective of his entire department.

“Every one of the officers here at the Swansea police department are just like that. They frequently don’t wait for the call to come out. They just go because they know it’s important,” said Johnson.

The chief said it’s important to share the story of what his officers did because he says it’s the type of story that doesn’t get shared very often.

“Police officers nationwide do this every day,” said Johnson.   “Every day.”

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