Homeowner shoots, kills man in Jennings

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JENNINGS, MO (KPLR) - For Laquanta Nichols, it was a nightmare turned into reality when she woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of gunshots and the sight of a crime scene on her street in Jennings.

"To go outside and actually see a deceased body lying there, it's one thing to see it in a movie and it's another thing to actually witness it with your own eyes and it's kind of scary" Nichols said.  "I just hate that it happened over here and there's a lot of kids who were going out to school this morning and had to witness something like that" she said.

Police say a 53-year-old neighbor of Nichols saw another man, identified as 53-year-old Tommie Tyler, tampering with vehicles and "acting suspiciously".  That resident confronted Tyler before shooting him multiple times.  Tyler was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

"Somebody died on my street or in front of my house, it's sickening, it needs to stop" said Nichols.

Charges have not been filed against the 53-year-old shooter, but police say he is cooperating with their investigation.  While residents like Nichols appreciate that one of her neighbors may have been trying to stop a crime, she wishes it didn't come at the expense of someone losing their life.

"It could have been a call instead of a shot" she said.  "This is still someone's brother, someone's father someone's, dad...You never know especially nowadays you never know what to expect or what could happen... instead of taking matters into your own hands. That's why we have police, let them do their jobs" she said.

St. Louis County Police say the investigation is still very active.