Making sure the homeless have a place to stay on cold nights

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The City of St. Louis is making sure people in need have a warm place to stay have a shelter to go to for the next couple of nights

As part of the winter outreach program the Biddle House which opened back in August is expecting to be full.  It accommodates 185 people, mostly single men but they aren't turning anyone away.

The shelter provides at least a hundred beds.

The winter outreach program has been operating for 21 days and has filled over 1,200 shelter beds.

Anyone who shows up for the next few cold nights will be provided assistance in finding the correct shelter to stay in.

Irene Agustin with the Homeless Services Division City of St. Louis said, “Tonight we will increase our outreach efforts along with shelter capacity within the city of St. Louis. In order to do that we work with non-profits like St. Patrick's Center and Peter and Paul Community Services and St. Louis winter outreach and various non-profits that are able to open up shelter bed capacity so that if anyone needs that's tonight, we are able to accommodate them."

Biddle House is also setting up cots to accommodate those in need.

Anyone looking for shelter can call the St. Louis helpline at 314-802-5444.