Brutal teen fight could launch police investigation

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - A fight recorded on a cellphone shows 25 seconds of sheer brutality.

In it, you hear an onlooker egging on a handful of teenagers throwing out punches, body slams and even the using a baseball bat to fight back.

The video is circulating at Timberland High School in the Wentzville School District.

Students leaving school Wednesday tell Fox 2 that the video is causing tension among students.

Some are taking sides, while others feel the fight was racially motivated.

We showed the video to the school district, which is now taking the video to police. School authorities confirm in a statement that there was a fight on school grounds, Tuesday, in which two students were arguing over a bet. The statement goes on to say that the fight captured in the cellphone footage happened that same day, after school hours, off school property.

“We had two students (of the same ethnicity) engage in a fight on school grounds yesterday and they were disciplined accordingly. The video in question appears to be a fight that happened later that evening after school hours and not on school grounds which included those same two individuals with an expanded group of friends. We have no indication that this was a racially motivated incident as our investigation revealed the original altercation was the result of an argument over a bet. This is the first we have seen the video and we will be turning it over to law enforcement. The Wentzville School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students and does not tolerate this type of behavior.”