Documentary’s claims in Michael Brown case draw swift rebuke

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Surveillance video from a Ferguson convenience store featured in a new documentary has once again brought the controversial shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. back into the national spotlight.

Jay Kanzler, the lawyer for Ferguson Market, said the video is nothing new and has nothing to do with the fatal shooting.

"The entire story is preposterous and laughable," Kanzler said.

On Monday, Kanzler gave a play-by-play of surveillance captured approximately hours before Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson police officer. Kanzler said that various camera angles show Brown first walking in with a piece of paper. Brown is then seen spending a few seconds grabbing something to drink.

"The documentary filmmaker said nothing about sodas because it doesn't fit the narrative," Kanzler said.

Kanzler showed how Brown approached the counter with two sodas and that’s when a discussion ensues.

"It's become a heated discussion,” Kanzler said, “because Michael Brown is going to throw up a bag of what look likes marijuana."

The clerk behind the counter is seen picking up the bag to examine it, but Kanzler said the documentary never showed the clerk giving it right back. It’s unclear what was in the bag.

"Nobody ever sat down and said frame-by-frame what happened here,” Kanzler said. “No, what (the filmmaker) did is take 20 seconds and then added a wild story to it and put it out there."

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch also discredited the documentary, saying it distorts the facts.

"There was no transaction,” said McCulloch. “The suggestion that he was coming back to pick up what he bartered for is just stupid."

McCulloch said the video was nothing new. He said the video was available since the grand jury decision and was irrelevant because it wasn’t the incident that led police to be called on Brown.

"Everybody knew about it,” McCulloch said. “It was determined that it was neither relevant or material to anything that occurred later that day around noon in the store or on Canfield Drive."

Brown’s family is currently involved in a lawsuit against the City of Ferguson.

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