MoDOT checking roads for slick spots on cold night, while firefighters remind the public to check smoke alarm batteries

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – To get to area St. Patrick’s Day parties and a nighttime Blues game, partiers had to drive through wet streets after an early-morning snow.

St. Patrick’s Day came early to Tigin Irish Pub in Downtown St. Louis. Workers showed up at 5 am Saturday to prep for a party that started with breakfast and would go to last call. General Manager Libby Baer was not worried about co-workers or party people heading home late at night after the morning snow shower.

“Everyone I talked to this morning -- friends, co-workers -- took Ubers down today and they will take Ubers back.”

A normal weekend would have fewer cars on the road. But, this one had a parade Downtown.

“The roads and the weather have not really affected much today,” said one woman who was hanging out with little girls at Tigin. “It was fun.”

The parade was followed by an all-day party.

“We migrated down here,” said one man who started his celebration with friends at 11 a.m. Saturday.  “Listening to the band outside playing some country music and having a great time.”

On top of all this was a Blues game just around the corner later that night. The snow may have gone. But, MoDOT Assistant Maintenance Engineer Arisa Prapaisilp was worried that drivers seeing pavement instead of the white stuff could face another problem where there could be slick spots.

"Drivers can get overly confident driving much faster than they should be,” she said.

While MoDOT held a skeleton crew overnight to treat any slick spots, Prapaisilp asked drivers to back off the pedal on the way home.

"Just make sure to drive for conditions and take it much slower than you would normally.”

While MoDOT checked for safety on the roads, St. Louis City Firefighters checked for safety in homes. Crews checked smoke and carbon-monoxide alarm batteries Saturday. They will return to area neighborhoods Sunday from 10 am until 3 pm.  If any city resident needs the alarms checked or replaced, free of charge, call (314) 533-3406.

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