St. Louis Blues celebrate men who helped family escape house fire

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The St. Louis Blues game kicked off with a tear-jerking moment as two fans took to the ice to be honored as hometown heroes. The crowd gave them a standing ovation after seeing their story play out on the big screen.

The Blues organization had heard how Collin Fenton and Jared Grzywacz of Collinsville rescued an 88-year-old woman and at least two others from a burning home last Friday night.

The two men happened to be driving in the neighborhood on their way to meet friends to watch the Blues game at a local establishment when they saw smoke coming from the house. The men noticed people struggling to escape from a first-story window.

Fenton and Grzywacz pulled them out of the home just before the room went up in flames. They don’t consider themselves heroes and are humbled by the recognition.

“We're not heroes. The people—police officers, firefighters, and military—they are the heroes,” said Grzywacz. “We are just normal people doing what's right.”

Collinsville Fire Chief Kevin Edmond said the two men arrived before fire fighters could get to the home and he believes had they not been there to take action, lives may have been lost. Instead, all seven adults in the home at the time made it out safely.

“I think they don’t really realize what they did, but being a career fire fighter for so long, I recognized that night what an impact they had,” Edmond said.

The Blues awarded Fenton and Grzywacz glass seats for the night, new Blues jerseys, and a chance to meet the players.

While appreciative, both men initially asked the Blues if they could take the money for their tickets, jerseys and plaques, and instead give it to the family involved in the fire.

“It's not about us. It really isn't. We both feel that way,” said Fenton. “It's about the family, they lost everything.”

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