Wentzville 2nd grade teacher wins $500

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- Mrs. Million was my daughter's 2nd grade teacher. Her kindness and dedication to her students is incredible.

I drop my two children off at 6:30 a.m. at the before school program. School does not start until 8:20. We usually see Mrs. Million's car in the parking lot. A lot of teachers get to school before their contract time, but Mrs. Million stands out.

Mrs. Million, according to my daughter, "made learning so much fun. Everything we learned about was fun!" For example, when it was raining outside, she would turn off the lights and let students read with a flashlight. Mrs. Million also strives to have great relationships with her students. Once a week, every student could share something that was going on in their life. It was something that my daughter looked forward to every week.

This year, my daughter is struggling a bit in third grade. Once a week, she still goes down to see Mrs. Million. The fact that Mrs. Million lets her do that and still gives my daughter her time, means the world to me. The fact is, Mrs. Million is one of the special ones.

She's the kind of teacher that can change a life. She's the teacher that a student could never, ever forget.

She deserves this award along with so much more. There is no way I could every repay her for loving my daughter like her own.

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