Vice President Pence visit family business in Fenton

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FENTON, MO (KPLR) – Vice President Pence traveled to Fenton to talked about jobs and the economy at the Fabick Company. It’s a business that sells, rents and repairs big earth moving equipment. The Vice President first addressed what happened at the Jewish Cemetery in University City. He said, “We condemn this act in the strong possible terms.”

Pence said he was reminded of his recent visit to a concentration camp in Germany and how American soldiers liberated holocaust victims.  He was inspired by a 93-year-old survivor. Pence said, “By the grace of God he survived, now he tells his stories so the world will never forget.”

Pence took a tour of the Fabick company and he held a meeting with Fabick family members as well small business owners in the St. Louis area.

In his speech before more than 400 invited guests he turned to politics and the economy. He said the Trump administration wants to help mom and pop business owners.  Pence said, “President Trump is the best friend American small businesses will ever have.”

He asked for support from the crowd to get involved to encourage congress to repeal regulations that hurt small business people. He called Obamacare a job killer. He promised the Republicans will replace Obamacare with something better.  He said, “President Trump and I want every American to have quality and affordable health care insurance.”

Doug Fabick, the company CEO, echoed Pence’s words.  Fabick said, “Small businesses put people back to work and then everything will start to happen as we go forward.”

Pence talked to a very friendly crowd. They stood for his entire speech and applauded many times.