Both sides of the abortion debate hold protest in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The abortion debate took center stage this weekend as groups on both sides held demonstrations in St. Louis. The demonstrations come at a time when both sides are intent on having their voices heard.

The St. Louis Board of Alderman voted Friday in favor of a measure giving protections to women who have had an abortion.  The vote prohibits landlords and employers from discriminating against women who have had an abortion, use contraceptives or are pregnant.  Some church groups opposed the measure saying it will force people to act against their religious beliefs.

Both sides of the abortion debate are also watching closely any U.S. Supreme Court justice nominations made during President Donald Trump’s term in office.

“What we’re looking for is to restore the inalienable right to life that our founding fathers recognized,” said Pam Fichter, Missouri Right to Life.

Her organizations joined others hoping for an end to abortion in demonstrations taking place around the county.

“The abortion decision is a decision that should be given to the states,” said Fichter.

Just a few blocks away a group wanting to keep abortion legal held a counter demonstration outside a facility providing alternatives to abortion.  Demonstrators said they wanted to move away from the Planned Parenthood building because they did not want to confuse any of Planned Parenthood’s clients.

“They have to go through enough of a gauntlet as they try to enter the clinic,” said Alison Dreith, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Dreith said demonstrators want to make sure lawmakers know their position.

“We all must remain vigilant in our state and in this Trump’s presidency and we must continue to resist,” said Dreith.

Both sides will continue to make their positions known in the ways they believe will be most effective.

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