Social media post by juvenile leads police to seize firearms from felons home

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WATERLOO, IL (KPLR) – The Waterloo Police Department seized several firearms after a search warrant was recently issued.  The investigation started after parents reported seeing photos of weapons on the Instagram page of a juvenile student in the Waterloo School District.  Police say that post led them to a home where a felon was living.  The guns will be held as evidence while the investigation continues.

Police shared a photo of the evidence seized including 4 revolvers, 4 long guns and a small amount of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.  It is not legal for a convicted felon to own a firearm.

“They weren’t stored in any particular safe location.  They were accessible to pretty much anyone in the house, including the kids,” said Waterloo Police Officer Eric Zaber.

Police also found 2 airsoft guns.  One of the Instagram posts had a photo of what appeared to be one of those airsoft guns.

Police will continue to investigate but at this point no charges have been filed.  Officer Zaber wants the public to know they should report any suspicious activity witnessed on social media.  He said a parent reported the Instagram photos to the school district and the superintendent then contacted police.

“If they see things like this on Facebook or other social media such as Instagram never hesitate to contact us,” said Zaber.  “We live in this community. Our kids go to the same schools.  “We take it very, very seriously.

We reached out to the Waterloo School District for comment but as of Tuesday night have not received a response.