World Series wager leads to wedding for Fox 2 producer

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(KPLR) - The night the Chicago Cubs won the World Series fans prayers were answered.  But for one Cubs fan it was an answer for his prayers or maybe not?

While the win fulfilled his dream, it also meant a wager had to be paid.

That win meant that long-time Fox 2 producer had to…we’ll let him outline the wager:

Steve Schrager:  "So back in 2010, Shelly asked me one day if we thought we'd ever get married, and right off the cuff I said, sure, when the Cubs win the World Series. They were losing 100 games a year in those days. Low and behold, six years later a Ben Zobrist double, and here we are."

Shelly Schrager: "Well it's just a wonderful day. It was wonderful because he actually went through with it.”