Sources say searchers looking for missing Monica Sykes discover human remains in Kinloch

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KINLOCH, MO (KPLR) – Sources say searchers discovered human remains in Kinloch, MO, Saturday. Police and the nationally known search and rescue group Texas Equisearch were out looking for Monica Sykes, 25, who has been missing from her Berkeley home since the morning of October 28, 2016, when she was last seen getting into a white car with an unnamed person.

There is no word on if the remains discovered are from Sykes.  The Kinloch and Berkeley Police Departments along with a St. Louis County Crime Lab were on the scene that has a lot of police activity going on.  There has been no official statement or confirmation of human remains being found.

Sykes’ family has been holding on to hope, but when FOX 2 spoke to Monica's mother, Regina Sykes, on Friday, she said the situation is so heartbreaking that she can't participate in the searches.

Late Saturday night the search scheduled for Sunday morning was cancelled.